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ModsServer Rules - Starter Planets


Server Information


  • Fully PvE game mode WITH Tutorial Quests.
  • Custom mods like increased warp and teleporter ranges.
  • No CPU, and no Weight/Volume. Max BP size is 80. 
  • Hundreds of solar systems containing thousands of planets to visit.
  • Asteroid belts and starter planet deposits in Ellyon will be regenerated bi-weekly.
  • Starter planets will undergo a complete refresh on the first of the month.
  • If you run into an issue on any planet, please contact an admin in Discord, or by submitting a Support Ticket.



No Cheating, Hacking or Exploiting
If you are found cheating, hacking or exploiting a bug, you are likely to be banished from the server. We have an active server manager that has cheating detection algorithms.


Communications (Text or Voice)
No spam, racism, sexism, slurs, excessive cursing, hate speech, advertising. First offenders found in violation of this rule will be warned or immediately banished depending on severity of the violation. Repeated offenders will be banned. You are free to appeal the descison in Discord, or via a Support ticket.


No Trolling or Griefing
Do not intentionally harm other players. This can mean ammo draining, Offline Protection abuse, griefing, warp camping, or impersonating other players or admins.
If you are not sure what all of this means ask the admins.


Reporting Violations
Please report any violations publicly in Discord, or submit a support ticket at MastersOfChaosGaming.com/Support
We will help as well as we can, but we need you to help us by providing the following information.

  • Provide your location (Sector/Playfield)
  • Your in-game name / faction tag
  • If your location details are needed, type "di" in console to get it
  • If structure id is needed, type "di" in console to get it
  • Please provide needed general details like time, context, etc.


We do not enjoy making everyone restart and aim to wipe as little as possible. Wipes should only happen when mandatory by Elion or if required due to unrepairable server malfunction.


Building Rules


ALL structures must be named, or they may be removed from the game by Admins. 
A structure includes: Bases, Orbital Bases, SV's, HV's and CV's
No compensation will be offered if your structure is removed because of this.
NOTE: A structure with a default name that is in a faction, and is still not named, may be removed under this rule.
REASON - On occasion structures can disappear through game crashes or bugs, the only chance an admin has to find these for you is if they are named something other than the default name. It is also possible for too many structures in an area to cause issues, and any that are deemed unnecessary/unnamed may be removed to improve playfield performance.


It is NOT Recommended that POI's be used as a base.

POI's are regularly reset so that resources and elite loot can be repleneshied. If this occurs and it was your base, you will lose the base and all resources stored in it. You will not be compensated for your loss.

Use a POI as your base AT YOUR OWN RISK.


No blocking Warp Zones

Any entity (SV, CV, Orbital Base) parked within a warp zone that causes issues for other players (eg: loss of their entering CV, fusing of their CV to another entity, etc) will have that entity deleted along with any contents of the entity.
When you warp into any system simply move away from the landing location to ensure it is clear for other vessels entering the same system.

Leaving items in the warp landing zone will cause other players to lose their own CV's/SV's, as well as making the player become stuck in whatever item they fuse with. This results in them needing to wait for the assistance of an Admin to fix the issue before they can resume gameplay.

Any player who loses their entity due to violation of this rule, will not be compensated for their loss.


Entities left behind by inactive players may be removed at admin discretion.

If you are sharing a base/CV/SV/HV with a player who is no longer visiting the server, please ensure that the ownership is set correctly so it is not deemed inactive. We may be able to recover these entities if needed for a short time after deletion, but no guarantees are made.


Playfield Rules


  • Do not prevent others from accessing resources.
  • Do not prevent others from accessing POI's.
  • Factions are limited to 5 players. If you need more slots, contact an admin for approval.
  • Please be mindful of how many structures you have.
    • Faction Limit: 6 Bases
    • Faction Limit: 8 Capital Vessels
    • Faction Limit: 12 Small Vessels
    • Faction Limit: 12 Hover Vessels
    • Player Limit: 3 Bases
    • Player Limit: 2 Capital Vessels
    • Player Limit: 6 Small Vessels
    • Player Limit: 6 Hover Vessels

Note that a single player in a faction may have 4BA, 4CV, 8 SV, and 8 HV.  however MULTIPLE players will not override the Faction total.

Starting Planets


Tutorial Planets (Escape pod with basic equipment)



  • Type:                                  Temperate
  • Difficulty:                          Easy
  • Gravity:                             1.11 g
  • Temprature (Min/Max):  32°F / 105.8°F
  • Radiation:                         None
  • Atmosphere Density:      1.38 kg/m
  • O2 Concentration:           19.28 %
  • Breathable:                       Yes
  • Resources:                        Iron, Copper, Silicon, Promethium, Gold
  • Description:                      Lakes, swamps, deep forests, oceans and vast open plains are the geographical characteristics of this temperate planet. With a multitude of mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks, some formed by volcanic activity, others by glacial flow, the climate is moderate and the atmosphere is breathable.



  • Type:                                 Arid
  • Difficulty:                          Easy
  • Gravity:                             0.84 g
  • Temprature (Min/Max):  41°F / 251.6°F
  • Radiation:                         0.9
  • Atmosphere Density:      1.20 kg/m
  • O2 Concentration:           12.62 %
  • Breathable:                       NO
  • Resources:                        Iron, Copper, Silicon, Promethium

  • Description:                      Parched mountains, rugged savanna and grueling plains, shriveled lake-beds with the remains of once thriving plant and animal life, this hot, dry and unrelenting arid planet has a thin atmosphere that is un-breathable by humans. Oxygen must be generated from what few remaining lakes dot the baked landscape.
    Be warned, choosing this planet as the survival start is recommended for experienced players only.



  • Type:                                  Swamp
  • Difficulty:                           Medium
  • Gravity:                              1.02 g
  • Temprature (Min/Max):   66.2°F / 114.8°F
  • Radiation:                          None
  • Atmosphere Density:       1.58 kg/m
  • O2 Concentration:           26.77 %
  • Breathable:                        Yes
  • Resources:                         Iron, Copper, Silicon, Promethium, Gold, Erestrum

  • Description:                      A swamp planet, which is a fertile breeding ground for dangerous creatures.
    Intended for experienced players.
    'Don't go into the swamp at night.'

  • Starting equipment:         Pistol and armor for protection. 



  • Type:                                  Snow
  • Difficulty:                           Hard
  • Gravity:                              0.68 g
  • Temprature (Min/Max):   -49°F / 53.6°F
  • Radiation:                          None
  • Atmosphere Density:       0.40 kg/m
  • O2 Concentration:           10.39 %
  • Breathable:                        Yes
  • Resources:                         Iron, Copper, Silicon, Promethium, Gold

    Description:                       A world at the far edge of the habitable zone, deep in the throes of a major ice age.
    A challenging start, intended for experienced survivalists; no tutorial given.
    (Slow beginnings; freezing, low food, resource poor and hard to navigate)

  • Starting equipment: Includes missing starter resources and a small buffer of food and warmth

  • Be Warned!  - Don't forget to grab the items from the escape pod!

    • Freezing will starve you. Use the heater and craft hot beverages to keep you warm.
    • Jetpack jumps or bunny hops will conserve stamina
    • Mark your 'food places' on the map. Small plants regrow in about a day
    • The portable constructor can filter crushed stone for ores
    • Lower altitudes are much warmer. If you have no option, dig down. Helps also with hail.
    • There might be a broken HV in distance to the large wreckage. Salvage the open cockpit, and build a closed one.
    • The 'Grove' biome near the crashsite, and the 'Shore' will have plants for hot beverages.





Donations are gratefully accepted and go towards paying for support of the servers. Donations can be made to: https://www.paypal.me/fyresong in US dollars.



If you have any questions about the donation packages, please contact an Admin, either in game or on discord