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By joining this server, you agree to follow these rules:

  • Respect other players and staff.

  • Keep chat friendly.

  • No cheating, hacking or duping.

  • No player killing, PVE only.

  • Don't enter or interfere with another player's base.

  • Do not destroy POI's of any kind.

  • Don't block roads of any kind.

  • We're all here to have fun,  so don't be a dick.


Server Settings

  • Map Size: 12k custom generated Nitrogen wasteland
  • Max Player Count: 30 players
  • Difficulty: Insane
  • Block Damage Player: 75
  • Block Damage AI: 150
  • Block Damage AI BM: 300
  • Experience Multiplier: 75%
  • Loot Abundance: 50%
  • Loot Respawn Days: 30
  • Day Length: 90 minutes
  • Daylight Length: 16 hours
  • Drop on Death: Nothing
  • Bedroll Expiry Time: 10 days
  • Claim Block Expiry Time: 14 Days
  • Land Claim Size: 41
  • Max Active LCB's: 2
  • BloodMoon Enemy Count: 32
  • Zombie Move Speed: Nightmare
  • Zombie Night Speed: Nightmare
  • Zombie Feral Speed: Nightmare
  • Zombie BloodMoon Speed: Nightmare


Mods Installed on the Server

  • guppycur's Bloodmoon Trickle
    Keeps bloodmoon hordes coming in until morning.

  • RELXIX_UI_PlayerStats
    Moves the Day/Time, adds World Temp, Air Speed, and Current Elevation to Compass Area.

  • A18 - 60 Slot Backpack Mod
    With Food and Water indicators on the UI.

  • Jax Teller's Bigger Wandering Hordes
    Sets Wandering Horde sizes to be slightly bigger than they are now.

  • Jax Teller's Increased Wilderness Zombies
    Increases the amount of zombies in the wild by triple.

  • Jax Teller's Increased Zombie Sight
    Sets zombie sight range for entity players from 0 to 30 so zombies can see you further and from 0 to 10 so they hear a bit better.

  • Jax Teller's Zombie Hand Adjustment
    Reduces the Zombie Hand Reach Distance a bit. Noticeably their reach exceeds clubs often, and on servers lag can cause zeds to hit you from far away.

  • Custom mod for crafting sand and spawning materials locked in other biomes.



Server Management





Donations are gratefully accepted and go towards paying for support of the servers. Donations can be made to: in US dollars.


For a $20 donation, Donors will receive the following perks:

  • Colored name in chat. (Handy color code reference here.)
  • Five (5) custom teleports.
  • Use of the custom commands fixlimb, cureme and healme.
  • A multiplier of 1.5 to reno earnings in game on servers that support game currency.
  • Donors will be identified in discord with a donor role.


When you send your donation, please provide the hexcode for the color you want your name set to. You can also message me, providing the name on the donation and the hexcode. Donation perks are valid for a month from delivery. When the donation time expires, colored name will revert to white, access to any custom commands will be removed, teleport count will be reduced to normal (this will wipe any existing teleport information). Every effort will be made to notify donors 2 to 3 days in advance of perk expiration.


Custom commands

  • The fixlimb chat command (/fixlimb): This command will completely fix a sprained or broken leg or arm at no cost.
  • The cureme chat command (/cureme): This command will completely cure an infection or dysentery at no cost.
  • The healme chat command (/healme): This command will heal the player up to 200 HP and stop bleeding.
  • All donors on an alpha 18 server will also have unlimited access to the custom command colormyname (/colormyname). This command allows you to set or reset your own color. . Usage: /colormyname (hexcode)


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