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By joining this server, you agree to follow these rules:

  • Respect other players and staff.

  • Keep chat friendly.

  • No cheating, hacking or duping.

  • No player killing, PVE only.

  • Don't enter or interfere with another player's base.

  • We're all here to have fun,  so don't be a dick.


Server Settings

  • Long term server
  • No planned wipes
  • Castle damage is off
  • 24 Slots
  • 60 fps
  • Clan Size: 4
  • Preferred chat language: English
  • Soul Shards Amount: Plentiful
  • No building rules
  • Can teleport resources
  • Blood Bound Equipment
  • Day Duration 1 hour
  • Daytime Length: Swedish Winter
  • Inventory stack x4
  • Blood & Durability Drain reduced to x0.5
  • Silver & Sun Decay reduced to x0.75
  • Crafting & Refinement Rate increased to x3.0
  • Repair cost reduced to x0.5
  • Castle Blood Essence Drain reduced to x0.5
  • Servant Convert Rate increased to 3.0x


Mods Installed on the Server

  • Server Tools

  • Wetstone

  • Quick Brazier







Donations are gratefully accepted and go towards paying for support of the servers. Donations can be made to: in US dollars.



If you have any questions about the donation packages, please contact an Admin, either in game or on discord